Engagement Season has arrived!

You are SO overjoyed and excited!!!! You want to do twenty things at once with the energy of your excitement and all the anticipation! Oh my, it is endless! Honestly, take a moment, a week, a month, a few of them if you want and settle into this amazing step forward in your life. Most likely your first thoughts about your wedding will change after some time passes. You are getting married not wedding-ed. Settle in, celebrate, relish and let your choices reflect this amazing shift, rather than solely your excitement for getting the opportunity to be creative and throw an awesome party.

Where do you begin? Well not on 100 things at once. Even though above I preached taking some time to digest, I do suggest that you get a venue, and therefore a date, faster than anything else. This will also help your wedding and getting married feel more REAL. Then get your preferred photographer on board before you lose them! Depending upon how far in advance you book out your date and our services, we can have some fun playing around without so much pressure.

Remember to breathe! I’m not going to tell my clients go get a journal but here I can! So yeah, keep a journal, find your own personal slogan or mantra and settle in to this time of your life. I have repeted the word ‘settle’ three time I think! By this I mean the following…..

You will never be engaged to this man or woman again. Define your engagement time because it is more than just the months leading up to your wedding day!

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