my happy NEW YEAR'S state of mind

New Years is a super important time for me because I make it so. It has always been. I can recall being as young as eight taking a journal to the river down the street from my childhood home asking myself big questions. What do I want to be in store for me in the next year and how does this reflect my larger life plan. A lot for eight, I know! At least now I can laugh at the gravity of such questions while also taking them to heart.

I am someone who greatly vacillates between going with the flow and being as type A as they come. (Good making for a wedding planner. I have been known to whip out tape measures to ensure both sides of each table are symmetrical). Point being that planning, regrouping and redefining my new year’s path could lead me to one very long list and that is no good. Instead of creating a list of resolutions that are suddenly to begin 12 am New Years day, I get going gradually a few weeks before. I want to do better DURING the heat of the holidays. By the time next week rolls around those resolution muscles have already begun to grow in both habit and mind.

So on December 26th start that inspiration thinking and start those happier healthier patterns as well.

Some of my less personal resolutions are as follows: ~Drink more water and do it now ~Eat less sugar at night so that I sleep better

My more personal resolutions can be summarized with two words –


Actually, every year the larger resolutions can be summarized with these two words. I am always moving towards or away from this, and then long to get back on track. Funny thing is that these two words together can be applied to every area of life – work, play, design, relationships, etc. There is nothing simple about event or wedding planning. Your aim is to make each detail come alive so that is reflects the larger picture/aesthetic/message/ atmosphere. Clarify the message and simplify the design. Clarify your intentions and simplify your actions. Clarify your heart and simplify your mind. Try it on for size.

Have a Merry Christmas for those that celebrate and an excellent few days off for those that don’t!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May it be more about love, filled with more peace and distracted by less stress! Clarify and Simplify.

=) Ash

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