The city or not the city, that is the question

The majority of our wedding clients currently reside in a major city so we debate the “city or not” question often. Everyone has a budget, whether it is $100k or $300k or more. Every choice, especially your venue and local, affects your next choice. Think before you sign and when you sign, let go and have fun! So you live in NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc……..

CHECK at home city wedding ***You probably will have less to plan for the overall Wedding weekend ~You will spend less on things like hotel accommodations, mass transportation and feeling the need to invite everyone to the rehearsal dinner because they traveled so far! ~For Manhattan, you won’t have to worry about guests being lost or late, as they all must know their way around Manhattan! ~You are not asking friends or family to sit in traffic ~The wedding may be more centrally located for the majority of the guests ~If you are old fashioned, preferring to do more planning in person, you may find it easier to plan for a wedding closer to home ~You cannot go wrong with a classic, elegant, tasteful, New York City ballroom wedding ~Perfect if you are a hardcore New Yorker for life. A+ and end of story!

CHECK PLUS…….an away from the city wedding ***Everyone involved in the wedding may find themselves more relaxed attending a wedding farther away from home. ~Guests may get to know one another better at a wedding farther away with an overnight stay. No joke intended! Seriously, weddings out of town are usually more of a family oriented experience! ~You may have more fun planning the wedding because it feels more adventurous and unique ~You may find yourself spending less on catering and staffing per person ~Your guests may be visiting a venue or even a town that they never would have visited ~Your wedding will feel more like the beginning of your honeymoon vacation ~Your wedding will probably be more memorable, unless your in-city wedding is so over the top, it stands out from the others ~You have a reason to take many weekend getaways in the months leading up to your big day

CHECK MINUS....... an at home NYC wedding ***I guarantee you will find it harder to leave behind your work and the business of life so that you may enjoy your wedding weekend. To help with this, I HIGHLY suggest taking enough days off from work before your wedding day and also have a hotel room the evening before as well. Don't you want to be waited on hand and foot? ~You may find it harder to find an outdoor ceremony space that speaks to you

CHECK away from home wedding ***You are asking friends and family to pay for hotel accommodations most likely during high season. In many cases they are going to demand a two night minimum. The wealth of each wedding guest varies more in some weddings than others. You don't want your guests to be uncomfortable. In some cases I have had clients pay for part of guest accommodations without the guests knowing. ~Some of your friends may not have cars while living in the city, so they will need transportation or have to arrange for car pools and such.  ~Hotel accommodations over weekend nights in vacation/destination places book up fast. You may want to look into those available room nights before booking that date at the venue. ~You may not want to have to travel up there say 3 to 4 times before your wedding to assist with planning ~You may be a true foodie and need to put more time and care into honing out your menu or finding the right caterer ~You may not be into the tented wedding look and a tent maybe necessary in the event of rain.

What is most important to you may not be what is most important to another bride, your mom or your friends. Any choices you make are the right choices if you make them with confidence.