Happy engagement season: 10 reasons to host a winter wedding

It is engagement season!  For many of you not as clued into the wedding scene as a planner nor a bride-to-be that has been dreaming of this day all her life (we hear that very rarely by the way) you will quickly find out that you are most likely looking at a 2017 date. Don't worry if you are open to Sundays or dates outside of May to October as there are attractive options out there but Saturdays in June are hard to come by if the place is very desirable.  Dates sometimes get taken off the calendar so fast I have had clients contract venues and our services before they have actually been engaged. Sounds like bad form maybe but who am I to judge when you know what you want and if you don't move on it now it will be gone! However don't be so set on the warmer months! The winter months have so much going for them when it comes to hosting a wedding and here are a few reasons why: 1. Your wedding won't be in prime wedding season, mushed in with all your other friends and therefore susceptible to comparison.

2. People are more inclined to be excited about attending a wedding when its the only wedding they are attending that season.

3. Some great vendors may still be available by the time you book, whereas in the warmer months there can be more of a dance of dates to see who can fall where. This is particularly noteworthy when it comes to both Bands and Photographers.

4. You probably won't have to worry about the weather as you were not going to host the wedding outside in the first place. While snow happens it is really very very rare that it is bad enough to keep people away. Anyhow a winter wedding photo session is always gorgeous! Lastly, winter weddings work perfectly for the big city!

5. If you are open to getting married in the months between January to March you may be able to snag a great catering deal at a prime venue! They may lower the minimum, price per person, site fee(s) or all of the above.  Out of all the vendors you will contract for your wedding, its the venue itself that offers the greatest opportunity for savings when getting married in an off month.  These perks do not apply until after the first of the year! You won't snag a deal over the weekends leading up to Christmas.

6. People are more inclined to get dressed up in the winter. It can feel odd asking friends and family to a black tie affair in the summertime but the importance of your wedding may call for such a dress code. Dressing up in the colder months is more fun for some reason, like an extension of the holidays and its also easier.

7. Travel prices go down after the new year to help those coming from afar! Lower hotel rates are also easier to come by so do your research and be a smart shopper.

8. If you are hosting a traditional rehearsal dinner the evening before or two evenings before with a significant enough guest count you will also save here. As you may already know, many restaurants are empty in the weeks after the New Year and even through to late March. Some would kill for 75 or so folks sitting down for a meal!

9. You can add in a tiny glam to your winter wedding decor, make it twinkle, make it look magical - I promise it won't appear tacky.

10. Your anniversary will always be in the colder months, giving you an excuse to go south (or abroad)!

Happy planning and congratulations to all you newly engaged lovers!


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Kristen Jensen Photography