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Wedding day view...actual wedding for the eyes of those that attended

Wedding day view...actual wedding for the eyes of those that attended

Every person is not attracted to the same kinds of people, to get the gist of this conversation quickly.  For whatever reason, many of the clients that come us don’t want their pictures on our Facebook page, nor even submitted into blogs or print.  When I say many, I mean almost all.  We are not surprised when asked to sign a short document that promises we WON’T use their pictures for anything without their permission. This being said, we do ask clients when they are signing their agreements to include what they are and are not comfortable with, and so ensues a conversation.

I have never assumed that clients wanted online attention or press because I would not want that for myself, especially surrounding one of the most important days of my life. After a brief chat clients often times say, “Let me talk this over further with my fiancée or mother”. Rarely do they say we don’t care. Once in a blue moon, full of party or wedding or family pride, a client will say, “OMG it would be so cool to be in print”! This is great for that client! Some event professionals have said all clients want to be in print, but for whatever reason that has not been our experience. Furthermore, nine times out of ten, our clients come to us from referrals, so we are not looking for press for a return on investment. We are not even listed most places that have blogs or magazines to push our submission to the top of their list.

For one, the pictures we may take with our cell phones or iPad are not going to do your special day justice. Don’t give away the wow before it is delivered by the professional photographer that was hired to do just that – wow! Also, the photographer will showcase your photos on their site better than anyone else. You can always add a link to the photographer’s site!

When so and so decides to share a pic and tag close relations, some people that were not invited may be offended when they learn of the event on Facebook. You don’t know who is going to do what with what is out there!

Last and most importantly, ask yourself if you really want people you don’t know to see pictures of your special day. Some people don’t care and that is right for them, while others can regret being so public with what is so special. You can argue you are taking yourself too seriously if you are stuck on being blogged about, while you can just as quickly argue the opposite. Perhaps you feel this is your one and only time to play the superstar and milk it for all it is rightfully worth! Then I say go to town!

Just be honest with yourselves and perhaps don’t decide so quickly. You don’t have to add another extraneous 10 details to your wedding just because everyone else is for print. Your wedding is not a competition with other weddings. As a friend says, “You are getting married and not getting wedding-ed”.

Just our thoughts. That’s all folks!

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