NYC Wedding Reception Venues, first installment

Please pardon me, as I give myself the chance to be sentimental... New York City is a place that raises you into your authentic self. Yes it has changed quite a bit in recent years, since I first moved to the city in 96. I also commuted to the city pretty much daily from seventh grade on. To have been a New Yorker starting so young, when you are still very impressionable, has been a gift. If you can financially handle it alright, I give raising kids well in the city a big thumbs up! You know ‘conscious parenting in NYC’ rocks. In case it is not obvious, you are suppose to laugh at that and I know I don’t need to write that if that is what you are thinking. Okay, that was a tangent….A little NYC nod.

It is still one of my best friends and a place I feel immediately at home. It taught me to be nonjudgmental and curious, taught my imagination to be full and flexible, and is of great influence to all those on a creative path. And everyone is on a creative path, some just haven’t gotten the memo. It also teaches you that no one is separate from you; rich, poor, red, green, purple, big, small, ivy league educated or not given a formal education - a lesson you can easily loose in bits and pieces when you move to the suburbs.

New York City gives you the license to not give a feck, even if it is not in your nature and even if a conforming New Yorker is across from you telling you the exact opposite.

Point being, when planning your wedding anywhere DONT GIVE A FECK! Furthermore, if you are hosting in the city, out of towners will more readily accept your unique choices.

Here are a short list of our favorite venues in the city!  While I would love to mark one, two or three as a favorite, it really depends upon my mood! They are all special in their own way and perfect for the right couple.

Happy planning 2015 and 2016!

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The Bowery Hotel with Brett Matthews Photography

The Bowery Hotel with Brett Matthews Photography

The Bowery Hotel 335 Bowery Gorgeous and trendy venue without trying too hard. Whether cocktail style or black tie, this venue will appeal to an array of individuals. The inate decor is a favorite of mine, only needing to be complemented rather than transformed.

Bryant Park Grill 25 West 40th Street at Fifth Avenue What is there not to love! Timeless and quintessential New York, accommodating up to 200 for a seated meal.

Capitale 55 Wall Street For the grandest and stateliest of polished and sophisticated weddings. Accommodating up to 1000 for a seated meal.

Gotham Hall 1356 Broadway at 36th Street Accommodating up to 500 for a seated meal, this venue is the creme de la creme of dramatic wedding venues.

Pier Sixty 23rd Street at Hudson River This reliable venue is a simple, beautiful option boasting wonderful views of the Hudson. Nothing too stylized and with great views, you can’t go wrong no matter what direction you want to take your design.

The Pratt Mansions Fifth Avenue 1027 Fifth Avenue near 84th Street Historical and elegant, this venue rich with detail is a class act, accommodating up to 150 for a seated meal.

Gramercy Park Hotel 2 Lexington Avenue at 21 Street A favorite venue of mine, with a garden roof, charming and intimate before dressing it up at all. Accommodating up to 120 for a seated meal.

Mandarin Oriental 80 Columbus Circle at 60th Street Stunning, chic, sophisticated and preferred, this venue is for those with a high standards. This well run venue accommodates up to 410 for a seated meal.

New York Public Library Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street The most classic and classy venue that you will not regret choosing! Timeless beauty that is killer to design.

The Roosevelt Hotel 45 East 45th Street at Madison An updated, grand and gorgeous option for the couple that wants an opulent ballroom aesthetic. Also, relative to many in its class, this venue is a great value. Also, within walking distance for guests coming in from the suburbs.

Midtown Loft and Terrace 267 Fifth Avenue at 29th Street With views of the Empire State Building, this spacious venue, has panoramic views.

Angel Orensanz Foundation 172 Norfolk Street, near Houston Street This unique, romantic and haunting venue, inspired by the Sistine Chapel, is for the creatively inclined that want something different from the norm. Accommodating up to 300 for a seated meal.

The Hudson Theatre 145 West 44th Street Accommodating up to 350 for a seated meal, how could the theatre buff and former actor not give this venue a nod.