501 Union Wedding Venue in Brooklyn, NY - wedding stylized photo shoot

Photo above by Laura Gordon Photography Let me first say that every small business has their own kind of client. I would say that we have two or three typical types of clients. I will not bore you with my theories but I do know, that in the last year, we have had quite a few couples come to us that reside in Brooklyn. These couples are not getting married in Brooklyn but they are thoroughly BK; hip, educated, down the earth, unique, sharp, creative, modern, foodies and all around cool. Additionally, there are a few awesome vendors that we love that reside in Brooklyn such as Sarma & Co. Photography, Lion in the Sun, NYC FACES, Nine Cakes and Rent Patina. Another amazing talent involved in this shoot is Anne from Blade NYC, collaborating on the design with her wonderful floral skills. Let me add a side note – all vendors routinely travel pretty much anywhere, ourselves included. For whatever reason, our 2014 Brooklyn based clients are getting married in Hudson Valley and the North Fork.

Back to my point...a few months ago I stumbled into 501 Union which is right across the street from the popular Green Building. Black and silver wall paper, white painted brick, a lounge space separate from the reception space, and an indoor/outdoor area….My mind was again trapped by a new ticker tape of images that I had to do something with.

Clearly wedding styled photo shoots are not exactly like planning a real wedding!  Most obvious, you are not designing for as many people and no one will be sitting down to your tablescape to dine. What a wedding styled photo shoot does exemplify, is the fact that we follow through with our creative ideas. If it means making something from scratch or piecing together many parts from god knows how many places, then so be it. It would make more sense to draw up that inspiration board and then search out items from rental companies that are evocative of the look we are going for. While this is all fine and dandy, let alone logical and less time consuming, once we get passionate about heading in a certain direction, there is no telling what ideas and images will spring to mind. Your Wedding Day is your opportunity to get creative and we are grateful to be along for the fun ride! We will scavenger, paint, nail, glue, draw, what have you. It does not mean the wedding or event will be "better" or "fancier" than others but it does mean that we will come to feel immensely satisfied in having manifested exactly what is right for the couple at hand.

First off, I knew I wanted to do a photo shoot with Sarma Ozols, who ended up approaching us first!   While it seems a little silly to do a shoot once the season has kicked off, there is one detail we have left out. A few days prior we have some very cool rentals coming to us from Rent Patina so we took this as a sign – we can use the rentals for a shoot on Monday. So what if we haven’t slept; this shoot will be awesome!

I kid you not, I was thinking of Marie Antoinette as a jumping off point for design. I also knew I wanted a light blue gown. Here I google light blue bridal gown and Sarah Nouri pops up. She designed a gown named “Marie Antoinette”. Crazy. Another perfect detail, A Little Something White in Darien, CT, close to one of our main stomping grounds, carries her gowns!

Looking forward to working with this group of amazing talents!

Fun times ahead! Happy Spring!