Hospitality matters

Happy winter or spring in the case of New York! I wanted to take a moment to stress the importance of hospitality.  Hospitality very much matters in regards to your chosen vendors and most importantly on the part of your chosen hotel(s) and venue.  A beautiful exterior is not going to bring you much happiness in the months ahead while planning your event, if it only leaves your expectations unmet and more money  flushed down the drain.  No matter how upscale or economical a venue may be, you as a client should never feel like your common requests and logical questions are annoying, ridiculous and waisting their time. This is just foreshadowing the unpredictability of what lies ahead.

A venue should treat you just as you want your event's guests to be treated. It doesn't matter if they can book your desired date twenty times over, you are still a client and they still have a reputation to uphold.  The in's and out's of their unique property should be explained to you in clear terms and if you (or we) have questions, they should be met with understanding and a speedy reply.  The life of a venue will greatly effect your event day experience and also your next few months.  You will be happier if you feel your entire team is going the extra mile for you and are courteous in the process.  The alternative is often times not worth the trip, no matter how nice the scenery.

My two cents - take it or leave it!

XO Ashley

Photography below by Sandra Costello Photography at the charming Kemble Inn in Lenox, MA.

033_141104 KEmball inn

033_141104 KEmball inn

Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI