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Thank you to Refinery29 for including us in your latest post on Wedding Spending.

First Tip by Ashley Douglass Events:

Skip: Party Favors: While the thought of a take-home gift is nice, it’s not necessary, says Ashley Douglass, owner of Ashley Douglass Events. "When you’re thinking about favors, you’re thinking about small, edible things (most often). Everyone’s already full. They really don’t need the extra little thing." If you’re worried that it will come across as rude, it won’t. "At least in the NYC area, people aren’t thinking, 'Oh, she didn’t get us favors!'" If you do want to do something, spend the money on welcome bags for out-of-town guests, Douglass suggests. "That’s a lot more worthwhile." Welcome bags are really a means to house an itinerary and information about the area. It's your time to be hospitable to your guests and again, you don't need to spend real money. 

Second Tip by Ashley Douglass Events:

Splurge: Lighting While it might not be something you even think about, the way the room is lit can actually make a huge impact. "It makes the atmosphere more romantic and polished," Douglass says. "Lighting matters a lot. It’s kind of like your gown isn’t going to matter if you don’t like your hair and makeup." If the room isn’t well lit, it’s not going to be right. Of course, it all depends on the space. Some venues have good lighting, but for others, you may want to spring for chandeliers, uplighting, etc.

To add to above, we always start with an intimated budget that doesn’t just reflect norms but reflects what is most important to each couple. In response to the suggestion to forgo a Band, I completely agree but not if live music is near and dear with either of the individuals getting married. The same can be said for wedding cakes, elaborate after parties and more. Bottom line, you don’t need money to get married, you just have to be in love.

Happy planning 2015 and 2016!