The People's Portfolio

Private Residence - New Canaan, Connecticut

Craig Warga Photography

The People's Portfolio is a nonprofit dedicated to humanizing statistics through storytelling. With renowned Platon at the helm, they are dedicated to shedding light upon and helping those that are doing hard work to make this world a better place. This event was both a fundraiser while also an award ceremony honoring nine time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Denis Mukwege. From Platon, "Dr. Denis Mukwege has dedicated his life to helping survivors of sexual violence of the Democratic Republic of Congo. HE IS MY HERO. I am very proud to say that Dr. Jill Biden and Robin Wright both accepted my invitation to present the award to this fearless leader of humanity....I have never felt so much community in one room before in my life. So, let's roll up our sleeves - there is work to be done. We have to close the empathy gap. EMPATHY STARTS HERE. Dr. Mukwege, I salute you."