Your bouquet: a chance to get creative!

Everyone wants their wedding design to be perfectly themselves.  Most often we hear descriptions like, "We want to be simple, clean while not boring. Also, not over the top but not too barren".

The bride's bouquet is a place where you can get creative, adding in elements you love but don't feel comfortable adding all over.  Also, you can speak to a theme; say your wedding is Gatsby inspired or in an ornate ballroom - maybe you want to go for some bling?  Think about the statement your gown is making and compliment that message.

Some points to consider:

-If your gown is a show stopper with lots of detail, perhaps consider having many of the same flower in a large bouquet and adding the detail to the stem with a brooch or interesting tie.  If your gown is a real show stopper, you don't want your bouquet to be too small because it will look misplaced.  If your gown is fairly simple in detail, then choose an assortment of flowers and other details, adding something that is unexpected.

-Consider how your bouquet ties into your other accessories!  Your bridal bouquet is one of your main wedding day accessories.  Of course shoes rank pretty high up there too!

-Family heirlooms such as brooches are often tied into the bridal bouquet.  You want to make sure that they are sewn into the cloth or ribbon on the stem.  I have seen florists glue, yes crazy glue, family heirlooms to bridal bouquets, only to have them fall apart when people attempt to remove them.  Certainly I was not on the scene yet! You may also want to consider a piece of a family tablecloth or even a dress that you or your loved one is no longer going to wear.

-Consider how heavy you do and do not want your bouquet to be.  Are you going to be nervous walking down the aisle?  Do you have a long aisle?  Are your hands small?  If you want your bouquet to be large but don't want it to be too heavy, play around with flowers that are more fillers.  Make your floral team aware of your concerns.

-Make sure your bouquet is taken out of the water in time for the flowers, their tips and the fabric or ribbon to dry before you walk down the aisle!

-Consider using things other than flowers: fabric flowers, vegetables likes artichokes, fiddlehead ferns, feathers of all varieties, jewlery, etc.  I had a bride with a woodsy- like wedding walk down the aisle with just greenery and no flowers, tied with beautiful fabric intended to be used on window treatments.  There are an endless amount of choices! Her choice was perfectly right for her.

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17 ashleydouglassevents_bruceplotkinphotography_IMG_0284

Fleurish in Seattle, Washington

Fleurish in Seattle, Washington

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