Gather Greene | Catskill Mountains

Thank you for your patience as we refocus our attention on blogging! It is not as high on our list as doing the actual work of planning a fabulous event is! One thing we do LOVE is to share new venues. Discovering a new venue is such an exciting thing for a planner. Working at a venue we have never worked at before is like being given a blank canvas and a brand new palette of paint.

There are so many wonderful venues in New York City, old and new, that the list would be too long and the blog endless, so we have decided to focus more on those great venues outside of the city. We are going to share a few new venues over the coming weeks in New York State, at least two in Connecticut and perhaps a few more in Newport or Vermont, as well as a new destination location. It can be hard for couples to find the time to visit every venue, so it is great that we as planners can give an overview so that you do not have to take time off from work to travel around here and there only to potentially strike out! There are many details about a venue that effect both your wedding experience as well as your budget. It can be hard for a client to discern all these details if you have not been doing this for forever and a day.

For now, we set our thoughts and starry eyes on Gather Greene, a stunning venue located at the start of the Catskill Mountains. The passionate and smart friends Amna and Jackie began rounding out their vision of an organic resort where nature was the primary decor starting a good four years ago, maybe more. Before officially owning the land, they reached out to ADE about wedding and event planning in general and particularly in the New York State area. Questions were addressed like ‘what features do couples and planners look for most’ and ‘what are the drawbacks that prevent someone from booking a venue they love.’

Many clients are looking for that weekend away experience where everyone can spend quality time together away from their everyday grind. A weekend wedding is not just more intimate but it is also more memorable, with guests departing feeling more connected than when they arrived. There is something magical about a special event being hosted away from it all. Similar to the theater, when people arrive to a location that they have never been before their attention immediately peeks. This really does set the tone for a weekend of little to no distraction.

Amna and Jackie’s venue site is modern and organic in design. The accommodations are dressed with the conveniences of every day life. The outside comes inside, with floor to ceiling window views of the mountains, and sunsets, for each guest to enjoy while getting cozy in bed with a book.

Another problem they have solved is that this beautiful venue has upwards of 17 cabins. It is not often that a weekend long wedding site can house both the immediate family and the bridal party. Additionally, with the town of Hudson New York so close by, there are many extra options for accommodations. From the standard chain hotels, to The Wick and The Rivertown Lodge in the heart of Hudson, and more. Not to mention the plethora of Air B & Bs in the Hudson and Columbia County area.

The Pavilion is where you will most likely host your main event or multiple events at Gather Greene. Again, the outside is brought inside, while maintaining sophistication. The structure is beautiful all on its own without too much adornment yet built with the potential to become more creative. The cement wall at one end of the pavilion is perfect to dress with floral, anything hanging or even a pattern to be projected. The beams above, modern and smart in feel, can also be used to hang decor. Weatherizing options for the sides of the pavilion are in development and the venue is fully prepared to accommodate any off-site caterer in their kitchen. No cook tent needed at Gather Greene, nor restroom trailers.

We have been so excited about this venue from day one and cannot be more excited for these two ladies and the opportunity to work at this one of a kind spot.

The first photo below was taken by a staff cell phone and the succeeding photos were taken by Kelsey Ann Rose.

IMG_6953 Gather Green.jpg
Photo by kelsey ann rose

Photo by kelsey ann rose



Photo by kelsey ann rose

Photo by kelsey ann rose

Venues | NY State

As we place last minute clients in venues for 2018 and new clients for 2019, we are happy to share our updated list of venues. Some we have worked at, some we have just visited, other locations clients have hosted accommodations or smaller events and some venues are still being renovated or built. We will update these lists as time moves on soon. 


Apple Barn Weddings 

Ashokan Dreams B&B

The Barn at Libery Farms 


Basilica Hudson 

Bear Mountain Inn

Blenheim Farm 

Blooming Hill Farm

Brown Barn Farms

Buttermilk Falls Inn

The Carey Institute for Global Good

The Catamount

The Catskill Mountain House

Clermont State Historical Site 

Crested Hen Farms

Emerson Resort and Spa 

Floating Farmhouse 

FoxFire Mountain House

Full Moon Resort

The Garrison 

Gather Greene

Glenmere Mansion

Glynwood Estate 

Grasmere Farm - awaiting it’s reopening date

Handsome Hollow

Hasbrouck House 

Hayfield Catskills 

The Highlands Country Club 

Weddings at The Hill 

Hilsinki Hudson 

Historic Barns of Nipmoose   

The Kaaterskill  

Kirby Hill Farm

Lambs hill 

Liberty View Farm

The Linden House

Locusts on Hudson 

M + D Farm 

Mohonk Mountain House 

Mount Tremper Arts

Oak Hill

Onteora Mountain House

Owls Hoot Farm

Oz Farm

Pioneer Farm

Preston Barn

Red Maple Vineyard 

Roundhouse at Beacon

Roxbury Barn and Estate

Shakesspeare on the Hudson 

Showdow Lawn NY 

Southwood Property 


Storm King Art Center

The Tin Ballroom 

Willow Ridge Farm


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